pressure testing before and after

manual pneumatic cleaning

regenerative baking preformed every time

Every DPF and every DOC gets baked at 1112 degrees Fahrenheit (600C) for six hours and allowed to cool slowly preventing any cracking or damage to the filtration components.  

Once the harmful soot and other trapped particles are burned safely into ash, the DPFs and DOCs are then ready for an easy pneumatic cleaning where all of the ash and any remaining unburned contaminates are trapped and safely disposed of through environmentally sound processes.

OEM certified replacement Part sales

If the filter you removed from the exhaust is broken don't worry.

We can order and ship to you any OEM certified replacement you need so you do not run the risk of voiding any warranties on your engine.  Call us or contact us online to order your parts TODAY!

 Proprietary Solvent Regeneration

enclosed filter system cleaning

Pressure testing before and after cleaning allows us to properly judge the performance abilities of your DPF and DOC.  It also tells us how well we accomplished the regeneration of your filtration components.  DPF Cleaning Specialistsof North Texas also uses mechanical testing methods to better understand the overall health of your DPF.  Utilizing these methods we can provide a better picture for the owner of  the filter.

DO NOT believe the dealers that tell you your diesel pick up truck DPF and DOC are uncleanable.

Just call us.  We will precisely cut apart the filter housing, separating the DPF and the DOC from the inlet and outlet piping giving us the ability to accurately pressure test your system.  Then, its on to baking at 11112 degrees Fahrenheit (600C), pneumatic cleaning and finally reassembly by professional welders. 

We have been doing this process for many years and there is no one better at it in North Texas.  Not convinced yet?  How about a simple math quiz?  Which is more...a few hundred dollars for a complete diagnostic and cleaning or $2,500.00 for a new filter that you didn't really need to buy new?

When your filter just wont let it go.

Sometimes we receive filters from our customers that have "calcified particulates" clogging the filter channels.  They are almost always deep within the filter and backbuild toward the outside overtime. This can happen for a number of reasons.  We diagnose these channels after a cleaning and sometimes the filter will require an extra step before we will return the filter to you. 

For no extra cost to you, we will utilize our proprietary solvent solution to effectively dissolve and break apart the hardened materials from the filter and then gently remove the particulates that before this process were clogging your filter and continuing to reduce the performance of your filtration system as well as your overall engine performance and efficiency.